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The lathe & Valley Jerte

El Torno is a mountain town located 769 m. high on the sunny side of the Valley of the Jerte, to the north of the province of Cáceres. Medieval, It was traditionally a cattle nucleus, While today's economic base is agriculture, and more specifically the cultivation of cherry. The agricultural base is complemented by the exploitation of other species such as olives, Brown, raspberry and many fruit (ciruelos, melocotoneros, naranjos, limoneros, almendros…) and garden crops.

The ancestral livestock dedication we are aware of the multitude of scattered huts of shepherds saw the torniega (They preserved around hundred), the boyal pasture and grazing areas currently are plowing to take advantage of the growing cherry.

In the village we can find beautiful examples of popular architecture: callejas, solanas, traditional granite houses sometimes raised directly on "Lancheras", constructions using stone and adobe, sources,… corners that are all over the town mixed with newly constructed buildings.

The town of El Torno has its own town hall and also offers shops, bares, restaurants, mail service, doctor's office, taxi, culture house-library, Bank branch,… in general all services necessary for a short stay or long term.

Torniegas traditional festivals are always accompanied by folklore, typical dishes and sweets. So, In addition to the celebrations of the patron saint 15 of August, Our Lady of Mercy, and the 18 October, Luke "the pijotero that fills us with the house of strangers", especially held carnival, with turrillos and potatoes 'escabechás', the Holy Week, when French toast and burning capazos, holding "eat the saints" the 1 November after ordering them home and family, to end the year, making grapes at the door of City Hall. But especially highlights our unique celebration of weddings still maintaining the traditional "Round Roscón", dancing and singing "arribita arribita" through the streets of the town with the newly married accompanied by the roulade.

Other festivities have been abandoned, If the cattle fair 1 August and San Sebastian which drew fifths procession then ask for houses for holy.

One of the main attractions of the Valley of the Jerte is certainly the famous festival of the Cherry Blossom, which it takes place between late March and early April, when we can see the hillsides covered with a beautiful white mantle fruit of the almost simultaneous flowering of thousands of cherry trees in every corner of the valley. During Cerecera become greenish hues because the leaves that hide the cherries ripe and ready to be harvested, period normally runs from late April to early August and which also can observe the laborious process of collecting, selection and delivery of cherries cooperatives field for distribution throughout the national territory. It is also a time to enjoy the good weather, excursions and cultural visits, swim in the gorges and crystal clear waters of the river Jerte or participate in adventure sports.

And in autumn the Valley becomes red and perhaps now is the time most appropriate to enjoy the varied popular cuisine, with tasting game meat, caldereta, oil and gas, inlaid, mushrooms or cheese, and assist the abundant cultural activities carried out to the public in the months of November and December, otoñada as cultural and pastoral days. Without forgetting that is a perfect time for tours and hiking trails to the beautiful spectacle of existing color from the bottom of the valley to the top of the slopes.

Some of the must see places, both El Torno and its surroundings, son:

  • Hiking trails: the Regajo, the Picotilla,…
  • Paragliding in the area of ​​La Calamocha.
  • Parqueaventura Valley Jerte.
  • Lookouts over the valley in the town and on the road to the village.
  • Parish Church Our Lady of Mercy.
  • Chozos saw.
  • Traditional architecture of El Torno.
  • Gorge of Hell (declared Natural Reserve), between Jerte and Cabezuela, and other smaller gorges throughout the valley.
  • Viewpoint of the port of Tornavacas.
  • The villages of the Valley of the Jerte.
  • In the Valley of Ambroz: Hervas, Roman city of Caparra, depopulated of Granadilla.
  • In the valley of La Vera: Monastery of Yuste, Garganta la Olla, Jaraíz pools.
  • In the province of Cáceres: Trujillo, National Park Monfragüe, Cáceres, Plasencia, Sierra de Gata, Hurdes,…
  • Getaway ski Covatilla, Bejar (Salamanca).

At any time of the year when we visit both El Torno and in general all Extremadura and whatever the plan to relocate (familiar, with friends, Romantic, to rest, route, cultural, gastronomic, etc…) we find beautiful scenery and an interesting paisanaje, so that is the ideal place to enjoy a short break weekend or a holiday stay.

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